10 Travel Start-ups In Asia And They Are Helping Travellers


Asia has been a tourism eye-catcher of the world due to its diversified tourist attractions. From mountain ranges, the highest peaks to the breathtaking landscape and wonders of the deep ocean bed, Asia has to offer everything, which the eyes of a traveller want to see. Asia has a rich heritage in terms of beautiful and historic places, varied people and their cultures, adventurous destination and the wealth of wildlife. Asia has also been a popular choice for health and wellness travel over the years.

According to a report by the Pacific Asia Travel Association, the number of visitor arrivals to the Asia Pacific region will continue to grow at an average annual growth rate of 6.2% over the period 2014-2018, and is expected to reach 660 million by 2018. The report also mentions that Hong Kong SAR will surpass the USA to be the second largest inbound destination in Asia Pacific in 2017. It has been predicted that Northeast Asia will maintain its dominant position for collective inbound travel, but its market share will go from 51% in 2012 to 48% by 2018 due to expansion of Southeast Asia.

So, you can imagine the magnitude of the travel opportunities in Asia. With the growing travel industry in the continent, we have also seen the prolific emergence of travel start-ups in different parts of Asia. These travel start-ups strive to make your travelling experience, unique and enjoyable. Their aim is to take care of your travel as an end-to-end process and give you a hassle-free and affordable travel package. With the help of advanced technology, social media and augmented reality, they will ensure that your travel experience is worth the money you spend. They also have various value-added services, which enhances their customer delight and satisfaction. These star-ups can operate for managing your entire travel, or many of them specialize in certain niches like health travel or adventure tours, etc.

We have listed 10 such Asia-based travel start-ups, who have made a mark for themselves in the industry or the niche they operate in .


  1. Voyagin (Japan): This online travel discovery and booking portal was acquired by a Japanese e-commerce giant last year, and claim to have processed around 30,000 customers till date. You can book museum and show tickets, curated tours, and even travel guides. They aim to provide an added experience for its users other than the normal tours and travels. They service Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan. You can also sign up as a host for travels, where you can earn by sharing or arranging for travels from your own unique experiences. Some of their travel packages include paragliding in Okinawa, fishing at Miyako island, and or spending time on an uninhabited island in Okinawa’s ocean.

  2. TripHobo (India): This portal from India was founded in 2012, where travellers can plan their own itineraries, and plan tours in a better way. User can plan travel to around 14,000 cities, and this is known to be the smartest itinerary planner with a huge collection crowd sourced itineraries. The portal takes care of transport, accommodation and sightseeing for a particular destination.

  3. Tripviss (Malaysia): This start-up, founded in 2015 is already offering more than 20,000 tours in 150 cities, and servicing round 50 countries. This portal provides unique categories, and also religious trips, other than adventure and diving trips.

  4. KKday (Taiwan): This start-up was launched in 2014, and they connect and tie-up with local experts and travel guides to provide specialized packages to its users. They are servicing around 53 cities in 170 countries, and had an extensive collection of 3,000 tours. For example balloon ride in Turkey or watching Lakers Games, etc.

  5. Pytheas (Singapore): This is a four-year old venture, and they aim to provide unique tours through innovative business models using technology. Travel Cloud, is one such platform, which allows clients to take care of sales and manage customer engagement across the Internet, mobile and social media platforms.

  6. FlipTrip (Phillipines): Founded in 2014, this portal connects users directly to the local inhabitants of the place for better visibility and a unique experience. They focus on adventure destinations, and allow travellers to book curated accommodations.

  7. Traveloka (Indonesia): This started in 2012, and is known to one of the leading flight and hotel booking platforms for Southeast Asia. They provide cheaper options for its users every day and do not charge any booking fee for payments. They service around 18,000 routes and thousands of hotels.

  8. TopDocs (Singapore): This started last year and they connect its uses to a wide number of doctors abroad for medical tourism. This is an online community, and it makes it simple and safe to research doctors abroad, make appointments and book for travel and aftercare.

  9. HotelQuickly (Hong Kong): This portal kicked off in 2012, and allows you to book last minute accommodation at discounted rates. This is available in 8 languages, and 16 countries.

  10. TakeMeTour (Thailand): This portal, founded in 2014 lets its users take the help from locals, while planning a trip. It matches the traveller’s requirements to the tours designed by the locals.